Wilton Windmill, nr Wilton, Wiltshire. Reported 1st June.

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Updated Thursday 30th  June 2011


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Image Olivier Morel / WCCSG Copyright 2011



The “serpent” crop picture at Wilton Windmill on June 1, 2011 shows a brief and not clearly translatable message in Brasseur Universal Code  

A new “serpent” crop picture at Wilton Windmill shows a coded message along its “curved back”. The code is a clever but obscure one, invented by Larry Oliver Brasseur many years ago (see webhome.idirect.com). Larry posted the general nature of his code on a widely-read Facebook page four days before the crop picture was found (see Report-A-Crop-Circle-Formation): ·          

·         “I have related a crop circle from 1999 (the Jewish menorah) to my work on webhome.idirect.com (posted May 26).” The new crop picture was then found on May 30, showing thirteen letters from Brasseur Universal Code which translate to:  

BEWARE 666 (or 6-18-18) SAM3   

Two of its central symbols are not well-defined. Thus it cannot be said whether they refer to “6” or “18”. Neither Larry nor anyone associated with that webpage have any idea who could have made the crop picture (personal communication). Furthermore, given the high ambiguity and not clearly translatable nature of its code, no clear interpretations can be made.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

Outstanding, Dr. Horace.  So, I'd give you something else.  Try Venus, from August 18 1999 to eight years later.  Counting not 584 days only but synodic positions each 292 days…, which is very Mayan indeed.  Then, on the date August 18 2005 there are 3.5 + 148 days; and, on the date June 6 2006 there are 4 + 148 days.  (We should count on 2005 Wayland's Smithy and C. Lewis reading btw).  But the message here should be the Venus movement between two kind of conjunctions: that August 18 and 292 days after. For the rest of the grammar here involved it should be easy, but this luminous and thanked communication… how come?

Ivan Castillo

This crop circle a snake or a worm? 

Let’s look at the worm first. They just discovered four species of roundworms in South Africa gold mines.  They are calling these worms mephisto (Demon of the Underworld) Womwood the star Wormwood the comet.  Wormwood in the Old Testament as a falling Star (comet) 1000s upon 1000, of worms have all of the sudden just died all over Cincinnati, Ohio. The Snake...  Eve was seduced by a snake.  People consider the snake to be Anaki, the reptilian people.   Are we still being deceived by a snake.  The sacred blood lines? A snake could mean deceit.   They think they found the bones of the Great Serpent Leviathan just recently. The serpent has the greatest Symbolism of anything in all cultures.   Well that Crop circle is a surprise and could mean anything.


Thanks for the new formation info. I find the main image is best viewed, rotated with the head down, so that the image appears “engraved”  and not “standing up”.

This is a remarkable image, in the sense that it appears randomly drawn, with no evidence of repeatable geometric structure.

However, the “writing”, like all written language consists of repeatable geometric shapes.

All symbols are predictable and repeatable, being geometric structures which are mind/maths structures, they exist as “virtual” reality, but once rendered on paper or in vegetation, they become “organic” and “alive” with cells, atoms, neutrons, quarks and whatever else makes “matter”.

So you could say “random” = “chaos” and unstable, but this image is clearly stable and orderly despite the absence of predictable/ repeatable circles, squares and triangles.

We humans fear that out of control random events will overcome us and we crave help from a super being to make things right. I wonder if the intelligence that delivers the images is concerned about our anxiety and seeks to show us that nothing can possibly be out of order and random. Everything is totally complete right now. The atoms, neutrons, blowflies, microbes and bedbugs and human brain cells are happily all buzzing around in perfect synchronisation. And we are that. How on earth could it not be so?

UPDATE:- 29/06/2011

"Another feature that the photos seem to show is that the outline seems to be "bevelled" in places, like a "V" shaped channel or valley. Has anyone visited the formation to report on this? It may be a lighting or wind effect. How could the edges not be perpendicular?"

Looking at the ground shots on the Wilton Windmill page, it looks like the outline of the snake is very broad and is indeed tapered from the outside edge to the inside edge. The inside edge appears vertical. If the recovering crop accounts for the tapered effect, how come the recovery is in a tapered profile? See attached cross section diagram.

Jack Newnham

Dancing in the fields of Hebrew

by Varda D. Sarnat

Looks rather fake. Sloppy curves, lopsided circles. If you ask me there have only been TWO real crop circles in the UK this season. The fat headed snake was looking good until the Canada universal code posting was revealed. How fitting - a snake in the fields mucking it all up, making a mockery of the entire crop circle phenomenon. Sad. Some people just feel the need to ruin anything possible.


Some one did a fantastic job by spotting Brasseur Universal Codes & decoding it...  It was BEWARE 666 SAM3 Well the crop circle was reported on 1st June 2011, so if you add 666 days to 1st June 2011 date, it ends right on 28th March 2013. The same spiral was shown outside the Solar system in 2008 crop circle, where mercury & Venus were shown inside the sun & Pluto knocked off it's orbit.  It could be the Galactic energy reaching earth on this day. For SAM3, No IDEA!! But just a wild guess that it may stand for SUN, Mercury etc.

Dipender Chhikara

Genesis 3:15 ; Serpent's seed 

My first interest is to draw a line between the two points that define the anomaly. If there is some geometry it has to be there. Looks like a southward line but I cannot determine what degree. Does the line intersect another point to the south? It is a pointer. 

It looks like a spermatozoa. The serpent's seed is a spiritual seed and a counterfeit to the new birth found through Christ. Cain was of that seed and was the first murderer. He was an antichrist but not THE antichrist. 

Adam was a three-fold being with spirit upon him on a condition: obedience. It was the spiritual relationship first and foremost that Christ came to restore. The word saved in Romans 10:9,10 is a Greek word that points to being whole as God intended man to be. The counterfeit to this is of course the bad seed that Christ pointed out that the spiritual leaders of Israel had. It is the unforgiveable sin to receive such seed and there is no changing things, so choose wisely. 

The Antichrist is going to have his own revealing until he is fully exposed. He will become bolder as his spiritual father becomes bolder. The antichrist will be able to understand 'dark sayings' and perhaps the revealing of the floor in the Abby is part of that.

Physical seed is not required but there are those who as previous Kings and popes declared divine right. The trouble the Roman catholic church had with the DaVinci code was it hinted to a physical bloodline. No doubt the antichrist will declare his lineage to be the 'King of kings' and will convince many that his divine right can be traced back to Christ and Adam himself. 

The last sword of a Roman Caesar rests in England where it bears a different legend. There are three in England that can take the position of the Antichrist by divine right and there are always back-ups if one or more fail or perish. So what sounds better, King Arthur or King David? The new princess is a departure of careful breeding and there is no chance she can bear the Arthur that the Royals expect to rule Camelot; political perfection and the dream of world domination - a counterfeit garden of Eden. England is the sword of Caesar and Rome. The Abby floor is made from old defeated temples and the new religion will be as any before after the devastation of the existing temples and religions. That is what a world ruler does, he tears down the old and builds a new temple to his god and demands worship.  

Israel is a designed conflict. How about one last crusade for the temple? The diaspora will be gathered by God on a future date and man will not have a hand in it. There will be some surprises, but there will be 144,000 of the bloodline that will be identified and gathered. The antichrist will try to convince them and the world that he is the one. After the temple gets built in Israel, the antichrist takes his place there after 3.5 years of political influence. The next 3.5 years are spiritual where he demands worship. 

You should see if you can get the GPS on the Eye and the dot at the tail. Where does it point?


But "beware Sam 666 3" "Beware of the devil, read Psalm 3" of the Bible! What's it about? It's about a difficult time of Israel, When under the reign of David were consumed Civil Wars. But now what do we say the prayer? What are our opponents? If we look around us aware of it: trash TV, the media, which constantly bombard us constantly, materialism, consumerism ... Everybody seems to cooperate against the kingdom of God, it seems that God is dead in the minds of men, realizing indifferentism and efficient atheist who unleashes the lure of temptation and sin (see meditations: "the Temptations"). http://www.adonaj.net/old/preghiera/salmo3.htm

Daniele Vasta


Wilton Windmill, nr Wilton, Wiltshire. Reported 1st June 2011. 

Fig. 144. The Isle of Wight (The White Bulls Head) 

Notice that the bends on this landscape snake match up with this crop glyph; you may need to look at a more detailed map.

Notice that Rue street crosses between S and A  

Notice the space between S and A 

From the western edge of Avebury circle, one can trace a line through Silbury Hill, the White Horse above Alton Priors, Casterley Camp, Stonehenge, the west side of Ogbury Camp and the east side of Old Sarum, then through Clearbury Ring, a little village called Godshill (a name that we shall meet again) and so through the New Forest to touch neatly the western extremity of the Isle of Wight. 

From the east side of Avebury, a line follows the Stone Avenue, through a second White Horse on Pewsey Down, through Sidbury Camp and Seven Barrows and Quarley Camp to Mottisfont Abbey, Romsey Abbey, Netley Abbey and so to the Foreland, the island’s eastern tip. 


Graham Russell



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike