Please see url above then -

I thought you might use the illustration above in your space ship ( see above url ).
Hi - Blanche - Congratulations, Lithium , does seem to be the correct element .
If you consider the star Ship drawing commonly used for some lazer beam projection and sodium based -
The Lithium is intended to surround the ship and the material is crystal clear - the convex shape allows
clear vision for those inside the ship. - What appears to be water on the drawing is a jelly like self sealing
material intended to seal the hull in case of rupture to the hull - inside the seal material is a radiation shield
containing heavy water - inside the radiation shield a passage that allows a black material to be pumped
allows the ship to blink in and out of vision - your engine could be mounted at the safe centre point
of the drawing and even if the ship faced total destruction destruction from all sides your engine
would be safe - If your engine fails to do the job - not to worry - I to have an engine and it works well
its lifting power has not been proven as I used only one gravity magnets but with super cooled magnets
I might give your ship a run fur its money. Larry.